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Related post: Date: shameeka teen model Thu, 4 Aug 2011 21:07:10 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Gaige Subject: Random Sex Acts - Chapter 3Copyrighted 2011: This story is protected under US copyright law. No part of it may be reproduced in any way without the express written consent of the author. The author grants and its mirror sites permission to post the story on their websites.DISCLAIMER: The following story contains detailed descriptions of homosexual activities. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then - I hope you enjoy it! Random Sex Acts Chapter Three----------------------------------------------------------------------------In as much as I was in a most satisfying, on-going, and regular (nearly daily) sexual relationship with my best friend Anthony, all through high school, that wasn't the sole extent of my sexual adventures! Once high school started, the virtual drought of sexual thrills I'd experienced during my middle school years finally ended... although, maybe not quite in the way you're thinking!With the advent of high school, I'd wondered if maybe we'd return to a time like I'd experienced in elementary school - where little agency modeling we were all required to take showers at the end of our gym classes. Unfortunately, I was again disappointed that this was not the case! Of course, I did have Anthony each afternoon after models sexy teens school, so I wasn't desperate by any means. Just disappointed that it didn't seem there might be any chances lsm model photos of catching a thrill, other than if one of the guys decided to wear a jock, or change their underwear. This didn't seem to happen though, so I ended up having to be happy enough just to catch looks at the guys in their underpants... which when pedo supermodels I was growing up were just tighty whities - nobody wore anything else! Happily, tighty whities do accentuate every bulge, much more than boxers, which boys these days tend to wear, so I did get to see some nice lumps, and was able to day dream about what modelki porn lay beneath the stretched white fabric I was looking at! And so ninth grad began.The bay of lockers I was in happened to be the furthest back in the locker room, so, there wasn't as much traffic back there. I was happy teenage bra models that the other boys in my bay were all nice guys - no bullies to contend with or anything like that. Just a decent group of guys. One of the boys, who was in the locker right next to mine, was a boy preeten fashion model I knew from the next street over in our neighborhood. We often hung out together. There were five other guys too - all easy going types. Fortunately, like myself, every one of them was in good shape. And each of them was good looking in general!One boy in particular, who was in the locker behind me, and who on the bench on the other side of me from the kid I knew from my neighborhood, was a tiny little guy. He looked like he was only about 12 years old at the most. He was cute as german teen modeling Hell though! Tony wasn't even 5 feet tall yet. He was skinny, ford teen models and had smooth, unblemished, hairless skin that was nice and tan all over, except where his swimsuit or track shorts would be. There his skin was lighter - creamy looking. He had a mop of straight light brown hair, models muscular bikini beautiful brown eyes, and the cutest, big-lipped smile and obnoxious dimples. He was really adorable! Like some a couple of the guys in child modeling contest class who I heard talking and bikini models busty chuckling about him one day, I too wondered if he had even begun puberty yet. The good-sized lump in the front of his underwear lead me to believe he probably had, but... his diminuative size still caused me to wonder.You'd think such a small boy, like Tony was, would get picked on a lot, but not Tony. Everyone truly liked him and got along well with him. The reason for this could've just been his friendly personality, but I believe it also had to do with the fact that he was the star center of the freshman soccer team, and always scored the most goals. Our team always won too! I think maybe Tony's status as a star athlete was probably the reason he was never picked on like any of the other smaller boys in the school were!The first few weeks of school, gym classes went along just like they had in middle school. We all ran into the locker room, changed into our shorts and T-shirts, then assembled in the gym for roll call. From there, we went out to our activities for a while. young models 14 Later, at the end of class, we'd run back into the locker room and change into our street clothes, then head to our next class. Tony and I usually walked to our next class together, because we were also in the same English class afterward.One day at the end of September, as we were walking along to English after gym class, I young strawberry model was surprised when Tony asked me if I thought the gym coaches would mind if he showered after class. Instantly my penis twitched a little in my pants as I envisioned Tony walking back from the showers with a towel wrapped around him, dripping with Early model teen water, then as he reached Bikinis model nude his locker, ripping the towel off, and taking his time drying himself, affording me a good look at his nude body."Um... I expect they'd be OK petie models tgp with it, as long as you think there's time," I responded."Good!" he said, and he looked at me and crinkled his nose and said, "Cause I can always smell myself after class!"I just grinned, and he chuckled too. I couldn't wait for the next gym class to see if Tony would indeed take a shower. * * *Two days later, as I was lia model fakes changing for gym bella donne model class, Tony dashed into the locker room, and set his bag down on the bench next to me. My cock lurched with desire beautiful teenmodel when I saw a rolled up towel peeking out of his bag. I couldn't stop the grin from spreading across my face, and quickly busied myself with finishing getting changed.Gym class seemed much longer than usual that day. It finally ended though, and we all filed into the locker room. teen model jaycie Tony was the last to arrive, which I wondered about. As I changed though, he stripped all the way down, and quickly wrapped his towel around himself. As he was nn pretty models on the back side of the bench though, and I was dealing with getting a knot that had formed in the laces of my left sneaker out, I completely missed most of seventeen models nude it. I did catch a glimpse of his smooth, creamy, model kids porn nicely formed buttocks though, just before he wrapped the towel around himself."He said 'showering's good!'" Tony model boy young said to me softly, when I turned to look at him. "Back in a flash!"Tony grinned then and grabbed a bottle of shampoo and dashed off toward the shower room.When I turned around, I saw Gene looking at me grinning."He's bigger than I'd've thought for such a shrimpy guy!" he said, in glamor models a low tone, as he leaned toward me so I could hear him."Huh?" I asked, caught off guard."His prick!" Gene said in an undertone. "He's got a big one for being so small!""Oh!" I said. "I didn't see.""I just happened to catch a glimpse," Gene said, and I noticed his face darken slightly, as he quickly began putting his stuff away. A moment later he slammed his locker shut, spun the dial on the lock, and took off.Sitting on the bench yet, I continued to work on the knot in my shoe lace. It took a minute, but I finally got it out. By the time I did, all the other guys were toplist model ls gone already, but one boy at the end of the bay, who was just locking up his locker.Once I had my sneaker off, I was alone in our bay of lockers. I was running late! Quickly, I stood up, and stripped down to my underwear, then sat down on the bench and leaned into my locker. As I was pulling my street clothes out of my locker, I heard a cough, and looked toward the end of our bay of lockers, and there was a dripping Tony, with his towel wrapped around his waist coming around the end of the lockers. He looked just like I'd imagined he would when he first mentioned wanting to shower after class!"Hey! You're nonnude models cute running late!" he said, as he hustled toward me."Had a knot in my lace," I said, as Tony arrived next to me. "Besides, you are too!""I know!" Tony said, and still facing me, he quickly pulled the towel off and reached up with it and dropped it over his head.I was still looking up at Tony, who was standing right next to me, facing me, as I sat on the bench, with my jeans and a T-shirt in my hand. As soon as Tony martine modelcom pulled his towel off, my head dropped and I stared straight ahead at him, right dead center at his genitals!As Tony began vigorously rubbing his dripping hair with his towel, my cock suddenly began to fill with blood as I gazed in awe at his cock and balls! They were beautiful! And, Gene had been right! Tony was very well endowed for a little guy! He also had a nice little bush of pubic hair sprouting from the area over his pubic bone. The boy had obviously hit puberty already, and then some!As I stared at Tony, I noticed his penis start sexy mixed models twitching a little. After a couple seconds, I realized it wasn't just twitching, it too was filling with blood, and getting bigger! Tony was getting an erection! Suddenly my own cock began to rapidly pump up!I was so enthralled with Tony's growing sex organ, and his beautiful pair of eggs that were hanging in a hairless nut sack, all of which was a mere few inches from my face, that I failed to notice Tony had finished drying his hair, and was standing, holding his towel, staring down at the top of my head, as I watched his penis growing.Suddenly I heard Tony clear his voice, yongest girlsmodels and I came back to my senses. My head snapped upward, and I saw Tony was staring down at me. Instantly I felt my face begin to boil, and I felt mortified."S-sorry!" I gasped in a raspy voice. I so wanted to looke away, but for some reason, I couldn't. I noticed Tony looked embarrassed too, and bikini model undrage his face was red, like mine felt."I-it's OK," he responded after a pregnant pause."Really?" I asked, surprised he'd say that. "I-I didn't meant to gawk like that."He shrugged, but still looked pretty uncomfortable. Finally, I pertite models was able to look away. Of course, my head fell, and my gaze immediately returned to Tony's crotch. I was a little shocked to see he suddenly had a full blown hardon! Again, all I could do was stare!After a couple seconds, I ripped my gaze away and looked up at him again. He looked mortified."That's a hell of a thing to have male model gallery to go to English with!" I said. I felt so stupid for saying such a dumb thing, I felt myself blush even deeper.Tony looked surprised suddenly, then gave a slight chuckle real hymen models and said, "Well, I see you have the same problem!"I met his eyes then, or I should say, I attempted to meet his eyes again, but noticed they were looking past me, toward my own crotch. At that point, gay models pics I realized I too was fully hard. Looking down, I saw I was tenting my underwear pretty badly. As I felt my face heat up even more, I looked up and saw Tony was smiling somewhat good naturedly, and couldn't help smiling back a little.Quickly then, I had nonnude gigi model an idea. I stood up and yanked my underwear down, and displayed myself for Tony to see."There! We're even teen model stes now!" I said, as I felt my face continuing to cook.Tony grinned."Nice!" He said. "Big too!"I was surprised by his comments. When I met his look, I noticed his face looked collapsing buckyball model darker than before, and he had a stupid grin on his face."You too! You're really big for being girlcomodels so little!" I said.Tony chuckled then and nude supermodels pics looked back down at my throbbing hardon, so I looked down at his too. It was fully engorged yet and twitching up and down rhythmically with his heartbeat, similar to how I knew my own would be as well.When I looked back up a moment later, Tony looked embarrassed, but I also saw a look in his eyes, and flaring nostrils that I recognized. He had a look on his face and in his eyes, just like I saw on Anthony every afternoon. Tony was fully aroused! And Tony wanted sex!!!As I recognized the look on Male sex models his face, Tony's expression quickly became one of embarrassment again, while a slight smile spread across my lips."You won't be able to concentrate at all in English with that thing!" I said, and I smirked a little.Tony looked surprised, but quickly I saw a slight smile on his lips."You wanta help me out with it?" he asked, as a devilish grin spread over his lips.My smirk broadened into a grin and I opened my eyes a bit wider, then let them sink closed to their normal state. At the same time, I lifted my left leg over the bench and dropped down so I was facing Tony. His hardon was bobbing up and down right in front of my face. Looking around, and seeing nobody, quickly I leaned forward, and opened my mouth.I heard a soft gasp of pleasure a moment later, as I sucked the entire length of Tony's hard tool into my mouth and began sucking up and down on it!As I began swiftly sucking back and forth, I nn underwere model reached up with topless latina models my left hand and cupped Tony's balls, and pushed my right hand through his legs, and cupped the base of his butt."Awww..." Tony gasped and I felt him squat slightly, as I pressed my middle finger into his anal groove and reached with my fingertip for his anus."Mmmmmm...." he moaned happily, as I fell into a steady rhythm of sucking, kneading his testicles, and fingering his zeps models pucker.Within seconds, I felt Tony's hands settle on my head, and I spead up just a little, as he gently massaged my skull.Not even a half minute had gone by before I began to taste some saltiness, and I car model pinto felt Tony's grip on my head becomming firmer. His sites like youngmodel gonads were pulling up toward his body as his scrotum shrank and became harder and wrinkled as well.As I continued working on Tony, his hips began to move back and forth slightly, and I could hear his breathing had become heavier and faster! The saltiness I tasted became more pronounced.Suddenly, as I pumped back and forth on his cock, and wiggled my finger firmly against Tony's anus, I felt his body tensing."AAwwww..." he half gasped, half cried out, in a very soft, high-pitched voice, a moment later, and suddenly I felt a glob of hot, gelatinus fluid squirt out of his urethra, and hit my tonsils.His salty tanginess completely filled my mouth a moment later, as again he gasped and spasmed with pleasure, while I continued sucking up and down, working his balls, and prodding his clenching pucker.I continued working on Tony for a venezuelan teen models few more teen model ciera seconds, until his orgasm ended. I slowed down then, and sucked back and forth a few more times, until I felt him expell the final bit of semen from his urethra, and give a shiver of joy.As I pulled my finger from Tony's ass, let go of his sack, and sucked his cock dry as I pulled off, Tony sighed happily. He was grinning down at kid modeling clay me when I looked up at him."Damn that was fine!" he gasped, and he beamed joyously at me, with sparkling eyes.I just wmiled and nodded as I wiped my lips dry."Quick," Tony said then. "Stand up, so I can help you too!"I was surprised! I never thought Tony would want to do me too!"C'mon!" he hissed, as he sank down onto the bench.Quickly I stood up young models vidio and lifted my right leg up over the bench. As I did, I reached down and pulled my underwear off.I really was shocked when a moment later, as I was dropping my underwear on the bench, I felt Tony sucking my cock into his mouth!Quickly, Tony immitated what I'd done for him. He began sucking up and down my stiff rod, taking as much of tiniest teen models it as he could into his warm, wet, velvety gay model movies mouth. At the same time, he future forecast models began to fondle my nuts, and reached for my ass. Like he did, I too squatted, to give him easier access to my hole! I was a little more surprised, when he actually slid his finger through my evie model pics pucker, and shoved it up into my rectum and prodded about, looking teens model bras for my prostate. When he found it, I groaned happily, and he began to massage it, as he sucked me off!I was so excited, it didn't even take a half minute for my climax to build, which was a good thing, as the first bell rang for next period, just as I began blowing my load down Tony's throat!Tony sucked and pumped, and fingered me, most professionally, while I spasmed over and over and emptied myself of my teen model net pent up spunk! And, he swallowed mrap diecast model all of it!When I was done, like I'd done for him, Tony did for me. He too sucked on me a few more strokes, vlad model zhenya until I finished drooling my last."God damn you're good!" I gasped, as preeen pantie models he pulled off me."Thanks!" he said, grinning, as he wiped his lips dry. "We're late though!"Quickly then we both began rapidly dressing. We were ready to go in less than a half minute. Together then, we literally ran 14y teen model out of the locker room and down the hall, arriving at class, just as the second bell rang. teenmodel sex We grinned at each other. We were on time, and neither of us was going to have a 'problem' that would keep our minds off class!After English, we both had lunch. I usually sat with a group of my friends, and Tony always sat at a table with the soccer players. gerwald young models As we left class together, I smiled at Tony and thanked him for "before". "Likewise" he replied."So, you ever do that with anyone else before?" I asked.He blushed and suddenly looked shy."Why, wasn't I good enough?" he asked."On the child models poland contrary," I said, grinning. "You were awesome! That couldn't'a been your first time!"He grinned and said, "It wasn't. Me and Joe do it all the time. He even fucks me all the -"Suddenly he stopped short, and looked mortified.My own eyes got bigger then as I looked at him. Joe was his best friend on the soccer team, and Joe was probably the biggest boy in our class! He was already about 6'2" tall, and he had a solid body. He had to have a massive cock! All I could see was Tony on his hands and knees, with Joe kneeling behind him, young laurie model shoving his enormous preeteen model boys dick into Tony who was so small. Instantly of course, my cock swelled."Please!" I heard Tony urgently pleading. "You can't tell anyone I said that! Please!"Tony looked ready to cry when I looked at him."NO!" I cried. "Relax! I won't tell a soul!"Tony sighed with relief."Thanks!" he said, and he looked gratefully sandra 13 model at me."No problem," I said, and I smiled."S-so, you have to have done it before too, right?" he asked, looking curiously at me."Sure," I said, and I grinned. "I gettin' it all the time too."Then, thinking quickly, I said, "But, if you're interested in having a little extra action with me after gym classes again, I'm interested.""Me ultratotty pictures models too!" Tony said, looking up at me, grinning.As I looked down at him, I saw he had a slight tent in the front of his pants. I grinned, as I felt my own dick flex."Maybe you should bring a towel next class and shower too," he suggested then."I just might," I said, smiling.By then, we'd reached the lunch room, so we said good-bye, and Tony took off to sit with Joe and his friends, and japanese model nn I went to find mine at our usual table as model adrenalynn xxx well. * * *Next gym class, I did bring a towel, and after class, Tony and I headed into the showers together. I felt a little self-conscious doing so, but nobody seemed to notice or care, although, I thought I saw Gene giving me a strange look. He quickly looked away though, before I could tell for sure.As Tony and I stood next to each other, washing, we both became hard of course. Since nobody joined us in the shower, and it was situated so nobody could just look in at us, after a while, we both stepped closer to each other, out rusian young model from under the spray, and began fondling each other. Before we knew it, we were both jacking each other off with slippery, soapy hands, and sliding soapy fingers back and forth over each other's holes. It felt awesome!We both meant to stop in time to suck on each other, but suddenly Tony started cumming, so I kept on working on him, til he was finished. He apologized for getting off too soon, but I told him to just pics models preeteen get to work and finish me the same way, which he did. It felt great!Although it was only hand jobs we gave each other, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and we didn't end up cutting it quite so close getting to class. On our way to lunch afterward though, Tony asked if next time we could suck each other again instead. I grinned and agreed. * * *The next class, after we'd washed in the shower, and rinsed off, he dropped into a squat and sucked on my cock for a half minute or model topless young so. I was surprised when he stopped and stood up."Would you fuck me?" he asked.I was surprised, but quickly nodded. Tony turned around and put his hands on the wall and spread his feet apart a bit, and pushed his butt back toward me."Wait," he said, 16 model nudist and he reached for his towel. "Use this!"I was surprised to see a tiny tube shaped packet of lubricant. My cock flexed joyously when I saw it though."Joe gets 'em from his uncle," Tony said, when he saw my surprised look. I couldn't help wondering then if Joe and his uncle had something going too!Quickly I took the lube from Tony, used my teeth to open the pack, and squirted the contents into my hand, then greased my rod. A second later, after dropping the packet, I stepped into place behind Tony, and used my left hand to spread the lower portion of his cheeks apart, and my right hand to guide my tool toward his opening."Mmmm..." Tony moaned as I pressed up against his pucker.Gently then, amateur modelle teens I began to push. I was surprised by how easily tony opened. There wasn't much resistance at all, but as he groaned happily, as I pushed into him, he felt pleasantly tight - all the way through his rectum - not just at the sphincter."God you feel nice," Tony gasped, once I was fully inside him."You too," I said, as I reached around under him and leaned over his back and hugged him.Tony smiled then, as I stood up and began to slowly pull back out of him.Placing one hand on each of Tony's hips then, I gently started fucking him. As I did, I realized the noise in the locker room was beginning to get quieter.Silently I slid in and out of Tony's rectum, and he stood nearly silently gasping with delight, holding himself up from the wall by one hand, and masturbating with the other.It didn't take long before I felt my orgasm teens model ilegal building, black nude models and I could tell Tony's was too. I began sliding in and out of him faster and harder, and he began pumping his penis faster and harder.Suddenly, I felt Tony tensing up, and then I heard a nearly silent gasp, as I felt his ass clamp around my cock. He was cumming!Tony gasped and blew again, before his excitement triggered my own orgasm to begin. Then as he continued spasming, and shooting jism against the shower wall, I began filling his intestines with mine!"Wow!" Tony gasped, as I finished, and shoved myself deep inside him, then stopped and stood still for a minute."Yeah!" I agreed, again reaching around him and hugging him.We stood for a moment, still coupled, as I hugged incest model Tony, and we both caught our breath. Suddenly the first bell rang turkish models nude for next period."Shit!" Tony gasped, as I suddenly straightened up and yanked myself from his ass.Quickly we both jumped models pree teens under the shower and I washed my dick, while he washed his ass. A minute later then, we ran with our towels in our hands and quickly dried the major water off us, dressed, and ran to class. We arrived a minute after the second bell rang, and both of us were still pretty wet. We got a litle girls models few strange looks, especially from the teacher, who announced if we were late again, we'd get a detention! ethical models generalism * * *After class, as we walked together to the lunch room, I said to Tony that we'd better watch the time in the future, and plan our preeteen photo models activities accordingly. He agreed, and said we probably should just give each other a quick blow job model child ukraine in the future, although he really had nn teenie models enjoyed being fucked by me."You're better than Joe," he said, blushing and looking shyly at me. "But don't ever tell him I said that!"I grinned as I looked at him and said, "I am?"Smiling yet, he nodded shyly. "You're gentler, and it gets me more excited."I couldn't stop grinning."Actually, um... I was wondering, just how big is his dick anyway when he gets hard?" I couldn't help asking.Tony snorted and said, "He's enormous! Probably the reason I like you better too. You're more the right size for me! And no - I'm not saying you're small or anything - just he's freakin' huge!"Still smiling, I said, "How come you do it with him all the time then?""Well, you're still doing stuff with your friend too, aren't you?" he asked."Yeah," I young nudegirls models said, oddly blushing for some reason."Well, a couple times a week with you, isn't enough for me, just like it isn't enough for you either, I guess," he said. He was blushing a little then too.I laughed and he joined me."You should tell him if he's being too rough," I said."How?" Tony asked. "You think I could say 'Tom is gentler kid lngerie model when he fucks me and I like it better that way. Can you try ls models picture to be gentler too?'""No," I said, chuckling. "Just when he gets too rough, tell him to slow down, or not so hard, or something like that.""I guess," Tony said.We reached the lunch room then, and went our separate ways. * * *>From then on, blatino models Tony and I did pay better attention to what time it was when we entered the shower, and we planned accordingly. Usually we quickly washed, then, if time permitted, we'd take turns sucking each other off. If brunette gallery model time was short, we'd stand together and soap up and jack each other off, while we fingered each other's holes. And, occasionally, when we had more time than usual, Tony would bring a packet of lube into the shower, and after quickly washing off, I'd grease up vente modele exposition sandra model chelda and slide into him, and we'd share the ultimate mutual pleasure!Both Tony and I worried all year that other boys would decide to shower as well, and we'd have to stop. Additionally, both little divas models he and I wondered if maybe some of the other boys, in particular those in our bay of lockers, might get curious about the fact we were the only two to shower after class, and wonder why we took so long in the shower. Apparently, they were all pedo model 12 too busy trying to get changed and out of the locker room on time to think about it or notice. We were never bothered by anyone, and nobody ever joined us in the showers. Further, the gym teachers never paid attention to what was going on in the locker room anyway, csm child models so they didn't realize what we were up to either!We did talk about trying to get together sometimes outside of school, but Tony had a large family, and no place for us to meet, and besides we lived on opposite ends of instructional design models town, and were too far apart to get to each other. So, we never saw each other outside of school. It didn't matter that much, because he had Joe, and I had Anthony after school anyway.Oh! I should probably mention that Tony did tell Joe to take it easy one time when he was fucking him too hard, and Joe apologized and said he never realized. After that, he was always gentler with Tony, much to Tony's increased pleasure!When the school year came to an end, I was disappointed, because I knew Tony and I wouldn't get to see each other til September. Our last time together in the shower, we had time to fuck one last time. It felt special to me, and I think it did to him too. As I hugged him afterward, while my dick was still up inside him, I kissed him on the side of the neck. He squeezed my arms in response. I knew then that for sure I felt some amount of love for him, and he felt the same way!We had no little model youngest idea how our schedules would work out the following year, so we didn't know if we'd ever be able to have our showertime fun again or not!Thankfully, I had Anthony to keep me busy all summer, so, I didn't dwell on it.When September rolled around, sadly, Tony and I didn't have a single class together, much less gym class either! I managed to run into him in the hallways a couple times, but, of course we only got to exchange nicities at that point. We did see each other a few times when we could talk, but they were few and far between. Happily for him, he still was having childmodel 11yo regular sex with Joe, and happily for me, I was still regularly getting it on with Anthony as well.For the rest of our school career, we never had a chance to get together again, and afterward, Tony went his bikini model man way, and I mine.That wasn't of course the end of my random sexual experiences!---------------------------------------------------------------------------Stay tuned for the next chapter of this story which will be posted as soon as possible...
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